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Copied from Ken Natt's Blog Page "Tomorrow, When The Revolution Begins."

Friday 31st July 2020

Roc-Works is taking off - interview with Rich Carlisle about his new Blood Red Skies compatible range of models

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More interesting news. I’ve been chatting to Richard Carlisle about his new project Roc-Works. For those who may not know, Rich was one of the guys at Warlord when BRS started and was very much one of the unsung heroes that helped get Blood Red Skies where it is. He left Warlord over the Christmas \ New Year and has been involved in a number of other projects since then, however, he has always been a BRS guy at heart. Anyway, long story short, he has this new BRS related project “Roc-Works” which I think will be great news for all of us. I asked him to explain a bit more about Roc Works and what it is about. Here is his reply: logo

RichC Hi Ken, you asked for a bit about what’s coming up for, we’ll I’ve been busy putting together a place for everyone to come and find some fantastic sculpts by several talented people; including Aidan & Rowan Boustred and Steve Toth. Production-wise I’ve decided to go along the 3dSTL route to allow those with a printer of their own to build their airforces. I can also make these aircraft to order for those without a printer.

Ready Room: That’s great – I’ve already got some of Steve’s work as we did a couple of crowdfunding projects (ok not big crowds!)  to have Steve design and print models – his Meteor and Ki45 were beautiful. I’ve also see Aidan and Rowans excellent Fleet Air Arm stuff. So all 1:200 and ready to accept BRS bases?

Ready Room (me) so I have to ask – what’s the price point?

RichC Prices depend on the size of aircraft (and therefor sculptors time and materials etc) so an average size fighter is £13.50 for an STL and £4.50 for a single resin model. $USD prices will be similar based on exchange rates

Ready Room. That’s not bad at all – what are you working on?

RichC Our first releases will be the following:

  • Brewster F2A Buffalo,
  • Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa (Oscar),
  • Gloster Gladiator,
  • Fiat CR.42 Falco,
  • Dewoitine D.520.

From the 2nd August, you’ll be able to order the STL files whilst the actual resin models will be ready for release from the 17th August. More models are to come asap; including the Messerschmitt Bf 109 F Tropical, Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb/c Tropical, North American Mustang Mk1 and a Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber (with torpedo) I and the sculptors hope you’ll give a look and keep an eye on our progress, we have a whole lot of aircraft we want to make including many not available in detail anywhere else.




Ready Room – I’m sensing a matched pairs theme?

RichC Partially, I had a wish list we (sculptors) talked priorities and it came together. We wanted Italians and Aidan had the Cr.42 and already had a Gladiator. Whilst Steve was working on a Spitfire and we added the Bf109F to match it but mainly to fill gaps we think are needing filling

Ready Room – You mentioned Italians – is that going to be a thing?

RichC There are definitely a couple more that I'd like to do, some have already gone to Warlord. So yes, I want to look at those smaller airforces and aircraft that are often overlooked.

Ready Room – Will the stl’s come with printing recommendations – angles, supports etc?

RichC The STL come with several files. Firstly the STL sculpt but also that sculpt pre-laid up (sprued) and saved as 2 types of common printer files. Lastly, as a ChiTuBox workable file with spruces so you can see how it’s been approached. Oh and we’ll include a guide on the website

Ready Room – nods wisely (not sure I understand that but I’m sure it makes sense to people with 3d printers)

Ready Room – any plans for bigger planes?

RichC Bigger planes, absolutely. We may start with twin-engined bombers initially and I’d love to see the first of them later this year. But first things first. Let’s see if people want them

Cheers Richard Carlisle

So if people are interested in new BRS compatible “stuff” get your names on the newsletter list for RocWorks at


Thank You

A huge thank you to Ken Natt and the Blood Red Skies Ready Room for all your support. Exciting times ahead ;) RichC