About RoC-Works

We are a small collective of passionate aircraft enthusiasts who want to bring game quality scale miniatures to yours and our tabletops.

I have loved aircraft ever since my first trip to an airshow at RAF Mildenhall (Suffolk UK) back in the 1980's. When designer Mr Andy Chambers created a game called Blood Red Skies I was lucky enough to be working for Warlord Games and proud to have had a role in bringing the box set and the future releases to fruition. After this experience I just wanted more aircraft!

The fantastic sculptors, Aidan & Rowan Boustred, Steve Toth and Roman Troyan are supremely talented and have been servicing the BRS community on the Blood Red Skies Ready Room. Each aircraft is painstakingly researched to provide us gamers with authentic detail at 1:200 scale. This means that the overall shape should be easily identifiable and key details such as the main panel lines are placed to facilitate easy painting.

Why 1:200? To some it is known as "The One True Scale" in fact, this scale was used by Wiking Modellbau for Luftwaffe training models during WWII (Read this article from the Friend or Foe museum for more info). For us it fits with a selection of games such as Check your 6, Wings of Glory or Blood Red Skies

Roc-works is providing a platform for us as gamers to easily find these brilliant sculpts no matter what game we play.

With the modern phenomenon of home printing I decided to have tailored STL files for personal (more detail here) use as well as providing the printed physical versions of each aircraft. This means that whilst at the moment we are focussed on what many believe is the perfect scale for the physical aircraft, the STL files could possibly be scaled to fit any game...

It is a small collection at the moment but rest assured the range will grow with your feedback and support!

The skies the limit... RichC


Me, RichC

Hi, I've been involved in the hobby/wargame industry for over 25 years starting back in 1994 as a staff member in a Games Workshop store. Since then I have owned my own retail shop, worked at Battlefront Miniatured NZ and Warlord Games. I am currently building/painting/photographing and promoting the great MDF terrain at Sarissa Precision.

RoC-Works is my online store where, alongside some brilliantly talented sculptors, I want to deliver the best digitally sculpted and 3D Resin Printed models I possibly can to support my favourite hobby and games.



Aidan Boustred


Rowan Boustred


Steve Toth


Roman Troyan



Gentle Reminder

Please support our sculptors by reading and adhering to the T&C for STL files and prints: https://roc-works.co.uk/pages/copyright

STL files are for strict personal use and under no circumstance can they be used for commercial use of any type. You are not allowed to generate any profit by printing and/or selling the miniatures, or selling the files and/or any of its derivatives. This includes sales via Ebay, Etsy and all other forms of sales venues.