STL files are for strict personal use and under no circumstance can they be used for commercial use of any type. You are not allowed to generate any profit by printing and/or selling the miniatures, or selling the files and/or any of its derivatives. This includes sales via Ebay, Etsy and all other forms of sales venues.


A key focus for us is to provide tailored 1:200 scale aircraft STL files for home printing. All items here labelled STL are 3d files, NOT physical miniatures, you need to 3d print them.

These STL files are Copy-writ to © and the individual sculptors responsible for spending a great amount of their valuable time and effort in producing these fantastic and detailed models.

The purchaser agrees to print these files for personal use and not for any commercial printing endeavours.

Your permissions are:

You can

  1. You can purchase digital file(s) and 3D print them on your own home printer.

  2. You can have a friend print for you only under the condition that they destroy the files immediately after your personal prints are complete and do not keep any copies
    [They will be subject to the same copyright law as the purchaser.]

  3. You can paint the model and display it on social media
  4. You can have great fun playing a game using the miniatures
  5. You can tell everyone how great and detailed roc-works miniatures are and direct them to our home page!


You must not

  • No modifying
  • No selling of modified files or prints
  • No printing for any commercial activity
  • No selling or distributing of either the STL files or home printed physical copies


All that said, we want you to enjoy the printing, painting and gaming experience using our aircraft. When you open the zip files you'll find:

  • The unsupported 1:200th scale STL file
  • A supported 1:200th scale STL file
  • A 'ChiTuBox' file of the 1:200th scale model with supports added

We run all our files through a validation and testing process. This includes the use of Photon File Validator (available free from GitHub) before final tests.

The ChiTuBox file is included so you can see our support setting and layout. Feel free to adjust these to work for you and your machine.
This is a hobby process and many factors from heat and humidity to your FEP tension and type of resin (of which there are many and they change formulas constantly) will likely effect your print quality.
We encourage you to do your research, as we have, to learn your own machines quirks in order to get the best results.

New to printing?

If you are fairly new to 3D printing then we highly recommend watching these ChiTuBox tutorials by 3D Printing Pro