Print settings

Welcome to the mysterious world of 3D home printing. Here at I've spent a fair time working to get the best results for you by trialling different settings and layouts for the connecting sprues.

This is a hobby process though and many factors from heat and humidity to your FEP tension and type of resin (of which there are many and they change formulas constantly) will likely effect your print quality.

I encourage you to do your research and to learn your own machine's quirks in order to get the best results.

New to printing?

If you are fairly new to 3D printing then we highly recommend watching these ChiTuBox tutorials by 3D Printing Pro

Which Machine

I use the Elegoo Mars Pro for production, why... because I did a heap of research and plumped for one, love it, then bought more. There are plenty of others and I may change as technology progresses.


The widely accepted Chitubox program is a great way to lay up (sprue) your models. It has regular updates to keep on top of ideas and feedback they receive.

To keep things standard I start with the following settings on my Mars Pro with the Elegoo ABS-like Grey resin (I then make adjustments depending on which size aircraft I'm printing):

  • Bottom Layer count 8
  • Exposure 50 sec
  • Lift speed 35 mm/min
  • Standard layer hight 0.035
  • Exposure 8 sec
  • Lift Speed 45  mm/min

Check your work before printing

Finally, I run all our files through Photon File Validator (available free from GitHub) this helps catch those potential unsupported areas and therefore a failed print.


This will depend on you resin, however it is best to keep the area or room your machine is in at a constant temperature. If your machine is in a loft and you print over night you could well find a miss-print the next day caused by the temperature difference over the length of the print.


Copyright reminder

Myself, Aidan, Rowan, Steve and Roman have put immense effort and hours (weeks on each 1:200th scale aircraft) of their valuable time into sculpting and making these stl's, please adhere to the READ ME FIRST document and the ©Copyright laws.


Experiment, have fun and be sure to give me feedback (

Cheers RichC


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