Hawker Typhoon (STL file)

Aidan Boustred

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Hawker Typhoon (STL file)

This is for the digital files only. You will need a 3d printer of your own.


Files included two versions of the Typhoon aircraft;

  • Version one has small recesses ( 2mm dia x 1mm deepfor magnets in the wings to attach ordnance. Perfect for "Rhubarb" missions from 1943 onward.
  • Version two is a Typhoon with no recesses under the wings should you wish to print a clean version with no underwing ordnance (such as the pure fighter, low-level interceptor, version used in 1942 as a counter to the Luftwaffe's FW190 "tip and run" low-level nuisance raids)

File includes a FREE set of both rockets and bombs, with recesses for 2mm dia x 0.5mm thick Neodymium disc magnets.


Sculpted by  Aidan Boustred


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